Meet Dr. Margaret MacDonald


Dr. MacDonald is a physician with 30 years of experience in Family Medicine, Neuroscience and Clinical Research. She used to be very active as a hiker, and a skydiver, until her body started betraying her time after time. She knows firsthand what it is like to go through years of struggle and finally quit work due to Fibromyalgia. When she found the Guaifenesin Protocol, it made so much sense and she did not understand why it is so unknown in the medical community. After making remarkable recovery herself, she established a new mission to care for Fibromyalgia patients and hopes to further the cause for research in this field.

Dr. MacDonald has trained under Dr. Paul St. Amand who wrote the book “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia”. Previously, she was an Integrative Medicine subject-matter expert for the military and is also trained in biofeedback and other non-drug modalities for alleviating pain and anxiety and improving sleep.

She is thrilled to once again be able to take care of people and help them back to health!

Dr. MacDonald offers whole-person, relationship-based, integrative medical care and rehabilitation for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

The medical standard of care for Fibromyalgia is uninformed about a safe and effective way to reverse the symptoms of this terrible illness. This treatment is called the Guaifenesin Protocol, as developed by Dr. Paul St. Amand.

Go beyond standard approaches for symptom management and start on your path to wellness again!

You deserve to be cared for by a physician who understands your illness and has personally experienced recovery on the Guaifenesin Protocol.

Let’s work together to remember what “normal” is! You deserve it!

Your doctor can be your partner in Fibromyalgia recovery!


Dr. MacDonald can diagnose and treat you for Fibromyalgia. If you're experiencing fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, sleep problems, dysmenorrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and/or brain fog, call her today!