I do hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these difficult times.

After a temporary office shutdown during the spring of 2020 and then some creative rescheduling in the old office, I have now moved to a new location where I can control the environment and assure patients of the highest levels of infection control precautions. I am also happy to let you know that I and my assistant are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We are still scheduling so as to overlap patients as minimally as possible and we have a well-ventilated office environment with air filters in each room and open windows on warmer days! Even now in 2022, we will continue to wear masks for the time being, and ask that you also wear a mask when entering the building. New variants are still out there, and this pandemic is not over yet.

I am also able to offer telemedicine appointments for any visit which does not require a physical exam. My telemedicine system is secure and HIPAA-compliant.

Although diagnosing Fibromyalgia by physical examination involving a search for muscle and tendon swellings is my gold-standard, it is still possible to make a presumptive diagnosis based on history and previous findings. Additionally, many patients who are already diagnosed simply need the education and guidance necessary to begin to follow the treatment protocol. Existing patients are able to follow-up as well via a telemedicine platform, since this is likely to be a short-term issue.

As we all adjust to a new way of living, I am happy to have been able to adjust my practice to continue to serve my patients! Be well!