Office Policies

Visit Consultations and Fees

The first office consultation, which includes a comprehensive intake, review of medical records, physical exam, and initial treatment plan, generally lasts 60 – 90 minutes and usually costs $265. If you come from out of town, we may have to take more time and there may be an extra charge.

Payment is expected at the time of service for fee-for-service visits. I accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.

Prescription Refills

I use prescription medications sparingly, and only when necessary. There are many ways we can work on tackling your pain problems without using medications, and certainly without using opioids, which have been found to be unhelpful for Fibromyalgia pain. I no longer prescribe controlled substances. If you are already taking opioid medications, you may continue with the pain management plan from your regular provider. If you are successful on the protocol, we will likely find a way to reduce these medications after a period of time. For medications I prescribe, I prefer to see you or at least have a telemedicine visit when refills become necessary.

Email Policy

Email is NOT a secure form of communication for your health needs. Enrollment in the secure patient portal allows you to safely send and receive messages related to your health care with Dr. MacDonald. Email can be used only to set up initial appointments and to register for the secure patient portal system.

Appointment Cancellations

It is understood that circumstances occasionally arise that will change your plans. You may cancel at no charge if you call at least 24 hrs before your appointment. If you do not cancel or fail to come for your appointment, a fee of $50.00 may be charged. If you are simply feeling too unwell to leave home we may be able to have a phone appointment, for which there may be a fee but at least you will not have missed your appointment.

Medical Records and Confidentiality

Your medical records are confidential and require your written authorization before they can be released to other health care providers or other approved recipients, unless required by law. (See privacy notice which you will get when you become a patient of the practice.) In fact, it can be said that you can have the highest level of confidentiality in a practice such as this where insurance billing is not always done. For those who require particular discretion, special appointment times and even house calls are available (for an extra charge.)

Ongoing data collection for research purposes is one of the primary missions of this practice and all information collected for research will be de-identified. Patients can opt out of research data collection if they so desire.

Your doctor can be your partner in Fibromyalgia recovery!


Dr. MacDonald can diagnose and treat you for Fibromyalgia. If you're experiencing fatigue, muscle pain, headaches, sleep problems, dysmenorrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and/or brain fog, call her today!